We are a corporate group operating internationally and comprising Ammermann Umwelttechnik GmbH, Umwelttechnik Weber GmbH and Aquatec Weber uG (limited liability) with our headquarters in Lower Saxony, Germany, and Aquatec Weber Sp. z.o.o. with its premises in Nowa Sól, Poland.

Areas of work include:

  • manufacture and delivery of small sewage systems to our partners nationally and internationally
  • regional marketing of our small sewage systems from quotation to installation
  • servicing of all makes of small sewage systems
  • leakage testing for small sewage systems

Memberships and regular exchanges of information with the DWA (German Association for Water Management, Wastewater and Refuse) and the BDZ (Education and Demonstration Centre for Decentralised Water Treatment reg. as the Association of Manufacturers of Small Sewage Systems) and certification in accordance with Quality Management Standard EN ISO 9001-2015 and Environmental Management Standard EN ISO 14001-2015 provide the knowledge required to be “up-to-date” at all times.

Long-lasting and confidential partnerships with our suppliers guarantee our continuing quality and smooth and innovative further developments.

Distribution partnerships with diverse partners in Germany and a strong increase in demand from countries within and outside of Europe are an indication to us that our chosen route can be successful. Regular training for our partners is also a guarantee of consistent good quality nationwide.

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